Both corporations and LLCs are required to have a Registered Agent in the state or states in which they conduct business. The role of the Registered Agent may vary slightly between locations, but overall, they serve the same essential functions. A Registered Agent may either be a person or a third-party entity that undertakes this vital role.

Typically, and most importantly, a Registered Agent receives service of process and all other official government correspondence on behalf of the business and then passes the information on to the appropriate persons. While this may seem simple, it is not as easy as it sounds. A Registered Agent must always- always– be available to receive service of process on behalf of the business, during regular business hours. This requirement begs the question, what if the Registered Agent is sick or takes a vacation? What if the Registered Agent is the business owner themselves, and doesn’t want to potentially be served with something negative around an important client or customer? Additionally, a Registered Agent can also be responsible for monitoring the legal status of the business to make sure it stays up to date with ever-changing regulations, which is a time-consuming job that business owners often have trouble fitting into already overloaded schedules.

Many business owners choose to hire an attorney to be their Registered Agent because attorneys are already familiar with service of process, various governmental procedures, and regulatory compliance maintenance. Regulatory compliance is especially important in certain highly regulated industries such as cannabis and alcohol, where the laws frequently change and the consequences of even a small oversight can be staggering.

Here, at Winter LLP, for $100/annually, we gladly offer this service and have a multitude of experience with performing as a competent and efficient Registered Agent. We will work to diligently ensure that your business is informed, up to date, and always protected to the best of our abilities.

Form a Corporation

An Attorney can provide your business with ongoing legal advice and assistance to help you make important decisions that may greatly impact your company. To form a Nevada entity either give us a call or email for an appointment for a free consultation. Or, to start the process to form a Nevada Corporation or LLC now, click on the following link to complete the online formation questionnaire.