The Firm

Founded because of necessity…

Legal Services Simplified.

Let’s face it. Not all business law firms are created equal. At WINTER LLP, we understand that today’s small-to-midsize businesses need efficient, effective and affordable legal solutions—not costly, drawn-out battles.

Traditional law firms are expensive, inefficient and happy to extend your legal matters as long as possible. Not so with WINTER LLP. We understand that as a business owner, your resources are limited and extremely valuable—and wasting time and money on lengthy legal transactions or lawsuits is completely counterproductive.

Here to stay…

Strategies for Success

Since we opened our Orange County office in 2008, we’ve mastered efficient ways of streamlining and expediting corporate business transactions for entrepreneurs, business owners, in-house counsel, CPAs and other corporate professionals.

We’re experts at examining clients’ overall risk—helping businesses avoid potential legal situations that may damage their reputation, service capabilities and profits down the road. Simply put, our strategic recommendations today can save serious money tomorrow.

During litigation, we quickly analyze both sides of the dispute and seek business solutions immediately. This allows each client to evaluate equitable solutions quickly, and possibly avoid weeks, months or years unnecessary legal fees and costs.

Our fee structure is another differentiator. Not only are our hourly rates about half of what big firm partners charge, but we also offer customizable fee structures to suit your specific business.

Over the years, our steady, fast-paced growth proves that we get it. We know the challenges faced by modern businesses. We understand the pitfalls of large legal firms. And we offer a smart, strategic alternative that’s driven by solutions, not processes.

When you choose WINTER LLP, you receive the benefit of senior counsel-level experience, agility and efficiency on all cases and matters, so they’re resolved more quickly. And with lower rates and higher efficiency, your business comes out the winner.

For today’s businesses, effective legal analysis, strategy and protection is as vital as a clear mission statement. We encourage you to discover WINTER LLP—and learn how our knowledge, responsiveness and personalized service can help your business survive and thrive.

$895 Flat Fee + $275 U.S. Gov Filing Fee = $1,170 Total Flat Fee Trademark

*Flat fee and US Gov Filing fee are based on (one) 1 class of goods only. Each additional class of goods is an additional $49.00 flat fee plus the corresponding additional US Gov.Filing Fee.

File A Copyright

“Copyright” is a legal term used to allow a creator the right retain ownership and receive credit for their written work. Copyright law allows a creator to obtain a copyright for their written work and determines if the specific idea may be adapted to other forms. Copyright law also determines who may reap financial benefits from the creation. Initially, copyright was a governmental restriction to control printing while giving authors the advantage to profit from their creations. Now, copyright law protects the creative work for creators.